Website Refresh vs Redesign

What is a Website Refresh?

A website refresh is quite different to a website redesign and can be a huge cost saving for your business, but only if you have a good base site to build on. A refresh involves just changing out some of the main images, revising some of your stale content and maybe updating some of the colours and styling. Other changes you might want to consider is moving a few things around, so that the site looks new, or maybe adding a call to action, like an email subscription.

Just some of the key benefits of a website refresh are:

  • Your website gets a new look and feel – you could even do a relaunch to reinvigorate your site traffic
  • You can review and update any out of date information that has been on your to-do list
  • If your SEO is not performing as it should, we can make the necessary changes to help get your website ranked higher
  • We ensure you have the latest security to make your customers feel secure when visiting your site
  • You give your current and future customers the assurance that you care about your business by keeping your site up to date

However, sometimes a site can be so out of date (in look, feel and security) that it’s more cost effective to start again. And that’s where a redesign is needed.

What is a Website Redesign?

A website redesign is when we completely scrap your current site and start from scratch. A redesign gives you the opportunity to completely change your site and how you want your business to be perceived by customers. It allows you to change the structure, design, graphics, colour, typography, imagery, security, platform provider, domain name… the works!

A redesign will of course be more expensive than a refresh, but sometimes it’s just not feasible, or cost effective, to attempt a refresh.